Uncommon Collaboration

Partner Endorsements

Ecc. 2: 9-10 – Two are better than one because they have a good reward for their efforts. For if either falls, his companion can lift him up; but pity the one who falls without another to lift him up.

The ministry of the PRC is most effective when we work with Abundant Life toward our common goal – LIFE. The PRC is partnered with the Abundant Life team who is on the front lines of the pro-life battle, working hard to link all life-affirming organizations in WA state. The results of this network are a larger resource pool for our patients, greater collaboration with other pro-life organizations, financial support (if needed), community awareness, and an alliance of like-minded ministries who commit to lifting each other in prayer.

We find immense value in our encouraging relationship with Abundant Life – true leaders for life.

The partnership Acres of Diamonds has with Abundant Life is impacting and changing lives. For Acres of Diamonds, it means having a resource list available to homeless moms and their children. The assistance Abundant Life offers is not just in meeting tangible needs, or financial support, it is also in the form of prayer and connection. Networking within the Abundant Life community gives organizations the opportunity to respond to needs that are presented and offer support to one another. It’s a blessing for Acres to be part of that partnership on the giving and receiving end in order to serve moms who are breaking cycles of poverty, addiction, abuse and homelessness. Because of the support from Abundant Life, more homeless moms and kids are rewriting their stories and making a lasting life change.

As the Executive Director of Next Step Pregnancy Services, a Pro-Life soon to be accredited medical clinic, the work of Abundant Life is clear – connecting life warriors to those who need them, caring for the life leadership in our time of discouragement and uncertainty, and bringing together much needed management and communication between far reaching organizations that, at the end of the day, have the same mission. If anything Abundant Life has ensured none of us are alone in this fight or duplicating each other!

The connections Next Step has made have been essential to us and our clients and could not have been done without the leadership and perseverance of Abundant Life. From Maternity Housing, Post-Abortive support, and even lower cost dental care and car maintenance – the resources never end. And even more so, the encouragement, prayer, and constant guarding of us and our work from outside forces, of which we know there are many here in Washington, has been integral to keeping us strong in spirit and body as we serve.

Abundant Life has created a space to connect with other service organizations, multiplying our ability to offer quality mentoring and life changing resources to teen moms in the Puget Sound Region. Monthly meetings infuse encouragement and collaboration for our staff and volunteers. I’m grateful for the investment that Abundant Life is making to care for vulnerable groups in our community – unborn children as well as teenage mothers and their families.

Heather Hoglund - YoungLives Coordinator | Northwestern Division YoungLives

We are sincerely grateful for Abundant Life, their incredible team, and the life-affirming resources they offer to the hundreds of people throughout the Northwest.

With their instrumental collaboration, we are able to expand our referrals and resources to reach even more people with the light and hope they so desperately need.

I absolutely LOVE Abundant Life. They showed up at our door one afternoon, asking to come alongside the WCPC with ‘no strings attached.’ It is safe to say I was skeptical at first; however, Beth Burns and her team showed me their heart in coming alongside the WCPC was entirely altruistic. They wanted to help. In any way they could. Period. AND, they have done so much more than we could have ever imagined. When we have a need – we KNOW we can call Abundant Life and they will move mountains (if they need to) to make sure we get the help needed: from the little needs to very large needs. Abundant Life know my staff, they understand this ministry and they are such encouragers. I am so appreciative of this ministry and pray they are able to work with us always. WCPC is blessed to call Abundant Life, friends.

As a Director with Healing Hearts Ministries International I would love to endorse the ministry of Abundant Life. I have worked in the area of Pro Life and Post Abortion for the past thirty five years and often without helpful support or networking. Since linking arms with Abundant Life, I have not only felt loved and supported in my own ministry but the networking and partnering with others has certainly increased our effectiveness in the Pacific Northwest. I am so grateful for Abundant Life and their partner’s support, it is truly a life giving, life line for ministries and hurting people.

Abundant Life has been an invaluable blessing to us at Two Hearts Pregnancy aid. They support our vital work not only financially, but also spiritually. Abundant Life brings together life affirming resources to better our community for a positive change. These connections help us to more readily meet the needs of the women who walk through our door.

Being in partnership with Abundant Life has been a tremendous blessing. The supportive community they provide through monthly meetings is something I both treasure and value. As we serve Jesus together in different ways it’s a relief to know there is a community that understands the joys and challenges I face in ministry.

Partnering with Abundant Life has meant a greater connection to the work God is doing throughout our area. It has provided the opportunity to connect with other organizations, not just in resources, but in prayer for the individuals we all serve. The connection with Abundant Life has allowed for New Way to serve our moms in tangible ways by meeting needs that convey “we see and hear you—you aren’t alone.” Beyond this, we know it is a link to the greater community and allows for individuals to connect with our ministry and the work God is doing within our walls for our mom’s hearts. Grateful for the blessing of connecting with Abundant Life!

As the Western Washington regional coordinator for the Silent No More Awareness campaign and a spokesperson for the Rachel’s Vineyard Healing ministry, the support of Abundant Life has allowed me to continue to work with these ministries on a local and national basis. The opportunity to share the story of my abortion 39 years ago and my healing through Jesus Christ at local schools, universities, churches, with Students for Life chapters, and at state and national marches such as Spokane’s Walk for Life Northwest and San Francisco’s West Coast Walk for Life has been made possible through the generous support of the Abundant Life ministry. Through their support, the work of these ministries that seek to spread the truth of the evils of abortion and the message of forgiveness and salvation through an ever merciful God continues.

My experience with Abundant Life is linking a continuum of services for pregnant women, single women, that are parenting, and everything else from A to Z. Abundant Life has stepped in the gap to be a resource to pro-life ministries primarily in Western Washington. They are always working to increase “the net” of support to these ministries that have feet on the ground. I am beyond fortunate to have connected with them. They are generous beyond comprehension, single minded in vision, and FUN. I have interfaced with them in a variety of settings on different occasions and have been encouraged, supported, and lavishly blessed every single time.

Liane Wolbert, Adoption Specialist/Attachment & Bonding Focus Therapy Adoption Advocates

Safe Harbor Free Clinic has found a beautiful partnership with Abundant Life. Having the support, encouragement and collaborative opportunities they offer is life-giving to each organization in their network. Their programs, such as the no-cost monthly auto clinics, provide for the practical needs of our clients. Abundant Life lives the definition of their name – a rich, lavish, loving ministry that breathes life into everyone they support.

By fostering unity, Abundant Life has created a pro-life community where those of us in the trenches can find courage and clarity as we serve families in need. Together, we pool our talents, perspectives and resources to create a collective strength that goes beyond what any one organization can achieve alone. Life House Ministries would not be where we are today, without that collective strength.

To have the support of the Abundant Life collaborative team has meant that we are not doing ministry on our own. As a newer non-profit organization, we value the collaboration and support of the life-affirming entity of Abundant Life. AJ’s Place is able to better serve our community because of its partnership with Abundant Life.

Abundant Life was the exact support I needed when I began my role as Executive Director. There were so many obstacles to success my first year or so, but this beautiful group prayed for, encouraged, and supported me in ways I never imagined. Abundant Life’s unexpected generosity to Whidbey Island Women’s Clinic has blown us away. We are beyond honored to partner with them in this ministry for life!

Abundant Life provides a unique opportunity to gather with other Christian care ministries to share the real burdens of leadership. The support and caring among the organizations provides a renewing of strength for the battle. By being together we also expand the connections of shared care of clients between our ministries.

Abundant Life is committed to living in obedience to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This core attitude of their Board and staff influences everything about their ministry. We couldn’t be more grateful or honored to be considered a ministry partner with Abundant Life.

Business Partners

Non Profit Partners

Acres of Diamonds is an organization that sets out to ensure that every homeless woman and child that comes to Acres receives the opportunity to rewrite their story. With homeless families experiencing generations of poverty, abuse, neglect and addiction, Acres of Diamonds aims to provide holistic, long- lasting solutions to help address the problems.

Adoption Advocates facilitates placements of relinquished children into strong and stable families throughout Washington State. They provide the necessary training and home study as well as help build relationship between the adoptive family and the relinquishing birth mother.

Making family a reality for every child. Antioch Adoptions is a non-profit, Christian agency in Washington State with the goal of making family a reality for every foster child currently on the path to adoption. We assist Christian parents from foster care licensing to adoption finalization. All services are provided fee- free.

AJ’s Place walks alongside families that have experienced the heartache of infant loss and womb loss. They provide ongoing support for bereaved families and help fund meaningful memorial stones and share hope for tomorrow.

C.A.R.E Medical Center is a non-profit, pregnancy resource center that provides valuable services in the Greater Skagit Area for those facing unplanned pregnancies. For over two decades, they have provided pregnancy tests and related services to women, men, teens, families, singles, and married couples.

Care Net of Puget Sound helps those facing unplanned pregnancies, teens and young adults make choices about sexual integrity and individuals seeking support for pregnancy loss and abortion recovery.

Compassion Washington unites with communities to share the compassion of Christ by providing free healthcare clinics and fighting human trafficking.

Embrace Grace exists to help inspire and equip the church to love and encourage single and pregnant young women and their families. Women experiencing unexpected pregnancies receive practical, spiritual, and emotional support through our global support groups.

A restorative program working with women who have come out of sex trafficking and prostitution. Love offered with grace and compassion changes everything.

The Genesis Project exists to offer hope for a new life to young women and girls involved in commercial sexual exploitation (CSE), prostitution, and sex trafficking. The mission of the Genesis Project is to provide needed services to survivors of CSE and sex trafficking in a three phase approach including immediate shelter, education, job skills training, and long-term safe houses. Ultimately, this love, support, and care will draw women toward a future of hope.

Healing Hearts is a ministry, in small group settings and online, for women who need healing from abuse, abortions and other traumas, that teaches the love of Jesus Christ and healing through Him. Post-Abortion and family crisis counseling via small groups, email & publications; focus is to bring healing and forgiveness in a supportive, Christ centered environment. To find a local support group please visit our website here.

Heartbeat International is the first network of pro-life pregnancy resource centers in the U.S. and the largest and most expansive in the world. Heartbeat supports, strengthens and starts pregnancy help organizations, including pregnancy medical clinics, pregnancy resource centers, maternity homes, and adoption agencies all over the world.

Lahai Health (formerly Puget Sound Christian Clinic) is a clinic providing health care to underserved individuals and families in King and Snohomish Counties. Their services include integrated and comprehensive medical, dental and mental health counseling.

Life Choices provides compassionate support and education to help women address their unplanned pregnancy, past abortion, relationship and family life challenges, parenting questions, and life skills needs.

Life House Ministries provides support services to single moms by offering community resources, support groups, mentors, and financial assistance.

Lifeline Children’s Services knows that as Christians, we have all been adopted by our Heavenly Father. Adoption is a beautiful picture of the gospel on earth that points us back toward Christ. They want the children they serve to have forever families, but more than that, they want them to know the truth of the gospel.

Life Options Network provides resource information necessary for single parents and struggling families to receive the help they need. Their goal is to put every helping hand beginning in the Northwest region of the country on their web page and continue to advocate for new helping agents as we grow our connections for each person who might be in need.

Life Services is a Christ-centered organization dedicated to the sanctity of life at conception. They offer hope, truth, medical care, and support from a biblical perspective to anyone impacted by an unplanned pregnancy helping them choose life and encouraging a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

We are followers of Jesus who boldly value life, born and unborn, created equally in the image of God. Love Life is uniting and mobilizing the Church to create a culture of love and life that will result in an end to abortion and the orphan crisis.

Monroe Gospel Women’s Mission provides temporary, 90-day emergency housing for women in Snohomish County. They serve the entire spectrum of the homeless population including, but not limited to, releases from hospitals, crisis beds, inpatient treatment centers, and domestic violence situations. MGWM provides a sanctuary in a safe, clean Christian environment.

New Beginning’s exists to empower pregnant women, birth mothers and single parenting mothers by providing them with mentorship and housing, equipping them to make positive decisions in their lives and the lives of their children.

New Beginnings is a safe haven where unconditional love and friendship are the norm and women can plan what is best for themselves and their babies while having their physical and emotional needs cared for.

New Way Ministries is a transitional living facility for homeless women and children who may be struggling from addiction, domestic violence, human trafficking, or a crisis pregnancy. Their mission is to minister to the immediate needs of each woman and child and provide care and counsel in a loving Christian atmosphere. They work with families to find a find stable and permanent living environment, dependable income, and encourage loving, safe parent/child relationships.

Next Step helps women and men who are facing an unplanned pregnancy. They offer free pregnancy testing, diagnostic ultrasounds and information on your different options. They are a medical pregnancy clinic with qualified, licensed personnel.

Obria Medical Clinics are fully-licensed community care clinics providing the support and answers you need in regards to your sexual health. They are devoted to taking care of you holistically and are dedicated to the highest standard of medical care in a comforting, supportive atmosphere.

Open Arms Real Choices offers support, information, and compassion to those in North Idaho facing the challenge of an unplanned pregnancy. Their medical and support services are focused on educating women and men on pregnancy, and the options of parenting, adoption, and abortion.

Options Pregnancy Clinic (formerly Care Net Pregnancy Center) provides accurate medical information, education, and support to those who are facing pregnancy issues. They serve women, men, and families by offering hope, healing, and real compassion. They want to be the first contact made in challenging pregnancy situations, so you will receive the best information and care. It is their goal to be your go-to source as you deal with your unplanned pregnancy.

Path of Life exists to offer Christ-centered hope and resources for sexual health and relational wholeness. They have four main ministry paths: unplanned pregnancy and parenting support, relationship resource, post-abortion recovery, and unwanted same sex attraction and gender identity in the context of spiritual discipleship. For each ministry path, they provide free education and mentoring.

Possibilities Women’s Center [PWC] is a specialized medical clinic and pregnancy resource center, supporting women and their families with personal care and free reproductive, prenatal, postpartum, and material resources in Lewis County, Washington State.

Pregnancy Resource Center provides essential services at no charge for at-risk women in Snohomish County. They provide pregnancy and gestational age verification by ultrasound. These essential services provide women with quick access to critical time-sensitive pregnancy diagnosis and information that will help them to decide whether obtaining additional medical care is urgent or can be postponed for a short while.

Project Rachel’s mission is to provide a confidential and compassionate ministry that offers resources for spiritual, emotional, and psychological healing to anyone who has been impacted by abortion regardless of faith background. They strive to convey God’s forgiveness and mercy in order to restore and empower lives.

Providence Heights is a one-to-two year residential training center that focuses on prevention and transformation. Their vision is to help change the trajectory of the lives of women and children so they can thrive in pursuit of God’s purpose.

Safe Harbor Free Clinic’s goal is to show Christ’s love by providing free healthcare to those In Need. They make it possible for all individuals to have access to free, professional healthcare services regardless of circumstances.

Silent No More Awareness is a campaign whereby Christians make the public aware of the devastation abortion brings to women and men. The campaign seeks to expose and heal the secrecy and silence surrounding the emotional and physical pain of abortion.

SMILE is a nonprofit organization that aims to empower single mothers with support and resources to overcome the common challenges of single-motherhood. All single mothers in the Spokane area, regardless of religious affiliation, are invited and encouraged to reach out to SMILE for emotional and spiritual support.

Tiny Heartbeat Ministries is a Christian, anti-abortion nonprofit purposed to provide the educational arm of the pro-life movement in the Pacific Northwest by focusing our outreach efforts on the 3 C’s: Churches, Clinics, and Culture.

Trilium Women’s Center offers hope by providing compassionate practical care, accurate information and life-affirming resources related to pregnancy, parenting skills, sexual and emotional health and abortion recovery.

The mission of Two Hearts Pregnancy Aid is to provide immediate confidential help to any woman, or any others caring for children and offer compassionate guidance without judgments or strings attached.

Vine Maple Place is a Christian organization that breaks the generational cycle of homelessness by working with single parents and their children.  Our approach offers safety, provides stability, and equips to self-sufficiency.

Whatcom County Pregnancy Clinic is dedicated to educating, equipping, and empowering individuals and families facing an unplanned pregnancy. They offer a compassionate and confidential environment for patients to be heard and to receive accurate information and medical care.

Whidbey Island Women’s Clinic is a Christ-centered ministry that empowers clients to make life-affirming decisions and is committed to saving lives: physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

YoungLives exists to support pregnant and parenting teens through mentorship, community, and a life with Christ.