Our Story

David Graves
Co-Founder, Abundant Life

Abundant Life was born out of thousands of hours of ministry on the sidewalks outside of abortion facilities. Ultimately, the glorious Gospel that we preach is the answer to sin (including abortion) and yet there are always tangible and pressing needs that can seem insurmountable when a parent turns their heart to God and to their child. A lack of support, medical care, housing, transportation, etc. are often cited as justifications for abortion. Meeting these needs in Jesus’ name is the practical confirmation of the hope we proclaim and the manifestation of the love He has placed in our hearts for others. No single individual or organization could possibly meet these needs but, thankfully, I found that there were many in the Puget Sound region doing their part – loving in deed and in truth.

Unfortunately, trying to connect the need with the people that could meet it was incredibly frustrating. The realization that so many were doing great work but were often unknown and disconnected from each other was the motivation that would lead to the formation of Abundant Life. “What if we compiled a central “hub” of available Christian pro-life resources in the area?” “What if we could foster greater connectedness in order to more efficiently meet a given need and avoid duplicating efforts and squandering precious resources?” These were the questions that I presented to Mike Impola, a dear brother in Christ and supporter of our ministry (Living Hope). He recognized the need and instantly realized an even greater vision – that not only could we establish a resource “hub” and foster community but that this could become a vehicle to financially establish and buttress new and existing works.

Fast forward to today, Abundant Life has realized these goals and more. Under the supervision of Executive Director, Beth Burns, and the able work of Makenzie Steele, Mary Johnson , Patty Ramsey and Natasja Niles, monthly meetings are now connecting and supporting ministries in Snohomish/King Counties (AL West), Skagit/Whatcom/Island Counties (AL North), Pierce/Kitsap Counties (AL South), Spokane county (AL East), the AL Auto Clinic (meeting the transportation needs of families) is thriving, Pro- life Apologetics Training Sessions are equipping pastors and ministry leaders, and much more.

Confronting a culture of death in Jesus’ name can be a lonely, heartbreaking, overwhelming, but ultimately worthy calling. If Abundant Life has shown me anything it is this – there is an inexplicable encouragement and increasing fruitfulness as we intentionally come together as the Body of Christ. May God be pleased to bless the efforts of all of the Abundant Life partners in this coming year that many might have life and have it more abundantly.

– David