Who Is Abundant Life?

Abundant Life is a non profit to non profits.
A ministry to ministries. We exist to lift the
weary arms of service providers who faithfully
meet the needs of parents and children in our

What Do We Do?

Equipped by the generosity of community
members, we work alongside our partner
organizations as a safety net where
tangible resources are not available to
their clients. This gives us an opportunity
to aid them in serving with excellence.

How Do We Do It?

  • Administering a regularly vetted resource website at abundantlifewa.org
  • Purchasing and renovating a new building for a local pregnancy center
  • Covering car repairs, car payments and vehicle donations for families and ministries in need
  • Funding maternity leave for low income mothers and those with adverse diagnosis
  • Training of area pastors and leaders
  • Helping families with payments of utility bills, rent payments and groceries
  • Providing respite care and support for ministry workers experiencing burnout
  • Underwriting and targeted marketing of our partners key fundraising events
  • Acting as a hub, directing organizations and individuals to resources as needed
  • Furnishing and major support of pregnant/parenting housing
  • Offering continued educational opportunities for agency staff members
  • Facilitating a monthly networking meeting for our partner organizations


Abundant Life’s partnership with the PRC is life-changing. We are so thankful for the ministry of Abundant Life which allows so many pro-life organizations to be Jesus hands and feet to our lost culture.

The partnership Acres of Diamonds has with Abundant Life is impacting and changing lives. For Acres of Diamonds, it means having a resource list available to homeless moms and their children. The assistance Abundant Life offers is not just in meeting tangible needs, or financial support, it is also in the form of prayer and connection. Networking within the Abundant Life community gives organizations the opportunity to respond to needs that are presented and offer support to one another. It’s a blessing for Acres to be part of that partnership on the giving and receiving end in order to serve moms who are breaking cycles of poverty, addiction, abuse and homelessness. Because of the support from Abundant Life, more homeless moms and kids are rewriting their stories and making a lasting life change.

Abundant Life has been such a great support in the work that we do. From accommodating me to attend a conference so that I can obtain fundraising knowledge, to financial support that helps sustain our program and referring women for potential residency. I know that if there is ever a need, I can call anyone at Abundant Life for help.

Because of the support Next Step Pregnancy Services has received from Abundant Life, our ministry and the services we provide to those in need have increased exponentially. The financial, prayerful and emotional support we receive from Abundant Life on an ongoing basis has been a blessing of immeasurable amount.

Bethany Christian Services has been a committed partner of Abundant Life for several years. From attending Abundant Life’s monthly meetings our pregnancy counselors have been able to establish invaluable personal connections with other service providers in the area. Connections that carry over outside of the meetings. This not only benefits the expectant parents we serve due to the array of services available, but also our pregnancy counselors. Beyond monthly meetings, Abundant Life has sponsored members of our team to travel and attend vital training conferences such as The Outcomes Conference in Dallas, Texas. To be a partner of Abundant Life is to be included in a dedicated community of providers seeking to serve their communities well.

Partnering with Abundant Life has meant so much to Dorothy’s House, but the biggest way that our connection has helped has been with networking. Through Abundant Life, we have connected with several organizations that have partnered with us to help women in need. Whether sending us referrals for women to fill our home, giving us encouragement and advice, or praying for us, we have felt the love. Dorothy’s House would not be able to serve our women well if it were not for Abundant Life.

Abundant Life has created a space to connect with other service organizations, multiplying our ability to offer quality mentoring and life changing resources to teen moms in the Puget Sound Region. Monthly meetings infuse encouragement and collaboration for our staff and volunteers. I’m grateful for the investment that Abundant Life is making to care for vulnerable groups in our community – unborn children as well as teenage mothers and their families.

Heather Hoglund - YoungLives Coordinator | Northwestern Division YoungLives


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Bethany Christian Services
CareNet of Puget Sound
Dorothy’s House
Healing Hearts International
Heartbeat International
Life House Ministries
Living Hope/Living Hope House
Monroe Gospel Women’s Mission
Next Step Pregnancy Services

Pregnancy Choices
Pregnancy Resource Center
Project Rachel
Two Hearts Pregnancy Aid
Silent No More Awareness
Step by Step
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